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New Study Shows Progress for Clean Energy in Indiana

2023-11-12 – BE&O RYB

A new study from the Indianapolis-based Nature Conservancy shows the use of clean energy is on the rise in Indiana, and companies are also doing their part to cut back on emissions. 

The new study shows businesses in Indiana are reducing their carbon footprint by setting ambitious renewable energy goals. The study aimed to determine the renewable energy demand in Indiana and if a cleaner future is within reach. 

Sean Mobley is a Senior Policy Associate with The Nature Conservancy, and he says the study is a great example of how even small businesses can make a difference in climate change. He says the findings of the study are “very shocking.” 

According to the study, over 50% of larger companies in the region have aggressive emission reductions or renewable energy goals. This is far beyond what many expected. “We’ve made some great progress,” Mobley says. Progress includes a staggering 15% reduction in coal consumption between 2021 and 2023 in Indiana.  

For Indiana to create a more sustainable future, the study also directs the state to consider increasing its renewable energy capacity and transitioning to more sustainable energy usage. 

While the lofty goal may be more altruistic in other regions, Mobley says it’s about economics in Indiana. Creating a more sustainable future is good for the bottom line, and that’s what matters to many businesses in Indiana. 

Mobility says one of the biggest misconceptions is renewable energy and conservation has to conflict with a healthy and robust agriculture sector. State and local lawmakers are working to ease that conflict and create an environment where the two can easily coexist. One example is the placement of windmills or solar arrays on the same land as corn and soybean crops to maximize land usage.  

The goal is to help the business community reach renewable energy goals while protecting agriculture and natural habitats. 

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