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Progress for Indianapolis Minority-Owned Businesses in 2023

2023-12-31 – BE&O TWIB

2023 was an exceptional year for the minority business community in Indianapolis. Across the city, small businesses expanded and broke records.    

Emil Ekiyor, Founder/CEO of InnoPower Indy, says there were significant moments in 2023 for minority businesses. One of the biggest was in August when the Rally Health Innovation Conference came to Indianapolis. Billed as the “largest global cross-section innovation conference,” the event saw big names like basketball legend Magic Johnson and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning speak to attendees during the conference. 

Ekiyor also touted the talent recruiting plans that prominent Indianapolis-area organizations like Eli Lilly, Elevance, and Cummins are implementing. The initiatives have the goal of recruiting and retaining more minority talent.     

Ultimately, Ekiyo says he wants to see the next steps in local companies coming together and organizing a comprehensive plan that focuses on telling the story of the progress being made in Indianapolis. Combining that with a plan to make it easier for Black entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, Ekiyor sees good things ahead in 2024 for minority-owned businesses in Central Indiana.  

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