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Ways to lure motorsports to Indiana

This week on Getting Started, the Indianapolis 500 attracted more than 330,000 people. Many people were there to watch the race. While others were there to do business and look forward to the future of motorsports.

Rollie Helming, Head of Automotive and Motorsports Business Development for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, joined us to talk about plans to bring more motorsports and aerospace businesses to Indiana.

Helming says racing is in our DNA here in Indiana. He explains the contributions that motorsports has on the state of Indiana.

He says the average salary in auto racing is $80,000 a year. This makes auto racing a significant contributor to the economy of the state of Indiana.

There is a great need for people that understand advanced mechanics and engineering. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis is the only university in the country that offers a degree in motorsports engineering.

This program brings students from all over the world to get their degree. A majority of these students will stay here after getting wrapped up in the IndyCar teams.

Motorsports is a huge industry that brings business and diversity to Indiana.