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2 things parents should do to help teens navigate relationships

Navigating relationships can be as difficult as learning how to drive a car… and as unsafe. Today on Indy Style, Psychotherapist Dr. Erin Leonard shares two important seeds that parents should plant:

1) Relationships should be respectful

A) No name calling

B) Respecting each other’s viewpoint and opinion

C) Resolving conflict w compromise

2) Relationships should be balanced.

A) Maintain friendships, activities, and responsibilities outside of the relationship. The relationship can’t become all consuming.

There are several important reasons why parents should not wait until the teen is in a relationship to have this discussion. Developmentally, the brain chemistry, hormonal changes, and strides towards independence leaves a teen more impulsive, idealistic, and defiant. More so then any other time in the human life span. So, they will probably not listen when they are knee deep in the relationship. Educating them on these things along the way can help them catch red flags and warning signs, allowing them to end the relationship before it becomes detrimental.

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