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5 Beauty Blunders to Avoid

Ever look through a magazine and see the “must-tries” or the “quick-fix” trends and think you should try them out for yourself?! Well, beauty expert Christen Michel explains why this may not be the best idea. Here are a few of her DON’T’s that women indulge in… and then the DO’S that Christen recommends.

  1. Don’t use Hemorrhoid cream to fix under-eye puffiness – It can cause allergic reactions and create lines and wrinkles that you’re trying to ease not increase. Hydrate (drink lots of water) and try something natural  – a blend of apricot and jojoba oils with hyaluronic acid (found naturally in the body) will help.
  2. Got zits? Don’t go for the nail polish in a hurry– acetone burns your skin as it dries out the blemish – try a combination of honey and strawberry oil.
  3. Job interview – skip the fragrance– and don’t think your face cream doesn’t give off a scent – make sure you’re free of perfumes and any other chemicals that can cause a last minute problem.
  4. If you do find yourself with red, irritated skin before a big occasion don’t slather on heavy creams, try a soothing mist of oxygen, gold, platinum and silver – Christen Michel makes a great one – to revitalize stressed complexions.
  5. Consider cleansing wipes a fave beauty hack? Not so fast.  What you’re essentially doing is applying a cleanser to your skin but not removing it. These wipes smear dirt, oil, and dead skin across the face. A good cleanse is critical to skin health & repair. But using a wash off or tissue off cleanser is a better way to put your best face forward.


  1. Skipping cleansing in the morning. When you sleep, your skin goes into repair mode, secreting toxins & sebum. By cleansing in the morning you are removing the toxins, sebum, and your nighttime skin care products so that your daytime products can work most effectively.
  2. Using cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight & “squeaky clean”. While this sounds totally desirable.. it’s not healthy! This may mean that the cleanser is not right for you. That tight feeling most likely means your skin has been stripped of water, leaving a dead skin build up.
  3. Avoiding oils in your skin care. The word “oil” has become a big skin care no-no…and this is unfortunate. Yes, many oils are terrible for your skin. But oils such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and safflower oil are very nourishing and beneficial to the skin. Most of us NEED these types of oil in our routine for proper repair & nourishment.

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