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DIY projects to decorate your home for Fall

Decorate your home for Fall with a few simple crafting ideas from Adeina Anderson! Adeina says Fall decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can create these easy DIY’s for little to nothing at all to make your home look amazing!

Here’s what you need to do:

Fall Mason Jar Table Decor

4 Mason Jars

Americana Chalky Paint

Sponge Brushes

Fall Bushes

Americana Paint Marker

Decorative ribbon

Paint the outside of the mason jars with the chalky paint.  I used 4 different colors, but you can do them in one color if you would like.  After the jar is completely covered, let it dry at least 20 minutes.  Then paint another coat on the jar, you shouldn’t need more then 3.  Let the jars dry a full 30 minutes before you tracy the letters F A L L.  I typed the letters in a word format and printed them and cut them out.  You can trace the letter onto the jar with the painting marker.  Either fill in the letter with the painting marker or with americana paint.  Tie some ribbon in a bow to the top of the jar and fill it with flowers.

Fall Decorative Lantern

Fall floral bushes

Fall ribbon

Lighted lantern (I found mine at Hallmark, but you can find really nice ones at the craft store or even a flea market)

Create a beautiful bow and tie it to the lantern.  Cut the stems off of your flowers and start glueing them to the lantern

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