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Enjoy Indy Wings Week with wings and brew from Redemption Alewerks

Slow smoked jumbo wings over a mesquite/cherry wood blend, flash fried to order, finished on an open flame grill. How does that sound for ya?! If that’s still not enough to get your mouth watering, these wings are tossed in your choice of house made sauce(s) and plated with your choice of scratch-made ranch/bleu cheese for dipping and celery. Yep, that’ll do it!

Today on Indy Style, we dig into some more wings for Indy Wings Week with this crew:

Jessie Davis, Account Executive, NUVO

Ben Smith, Owner/Founder (“Daddy Warbucks”), Redemption Alewerks

Dan Gohr, Head Brewer (“El Gohr-O”), Redemption Alewerks

About Indy Wings Week:

The right to eat wings for half-off menu price during the week of Feb. 20-26, 2017. That’s right: It’s Indy Wings Week time, Hoosiers.

Restaurants all over Indy are offering delicious wings specials. There are wings from a duck and wings from a chicken, wings with a kick and wings with the bone-in, you’ll find wings way up north, downtown, and down south. To make sure you don’t miss any mouth-watering wings, lookout for a checklist of participating locations inside NUVO’s 2/15/17 issue.

Read wing descriptions, peep wing photos and more at, plus use the handy map to find wings close to you, your work or your friends. Half price wings are the perfect excuse for a night out. No coupon or special code needed: just show up, order wings and enjoy. Our advice? Try somewhere new; take advantage of the saving to pair it with a local Indiana beer; and tip like a pro.

NUVO cares about more than just delicious, delicious wings. We’ll donate 20 percent of all restaurant registration fees to food rescue nonprofit Second Helpings to assist in their mission to feed hungry Hoosiers. Want to contribute directly? Visit their site to learn about opportunities to donate or volunteer.

Find pictures of the Wings Week offerings on our Facebook page and event page, plus on Twitter and Instagram under the tag #IndyWingsWeek. Watch Indy Wings Week chefs in action on WISH TV’s Indy Style Feb. 21, 23, and 24.

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Sauces: Savilla’s Dry Rub, Sweet BBQ, Sweet Thai Chili, Buffalo, Honey Sriracha, Mango Jalapeño, Hot, Ginger Jerk, Redemption Sauce, Fire Sauce

Over 26 restaurants participating in Indy Wings Week.

Half Off Menu Price wings all over Indianapolis Feb 20-26. No need to bring anything, just show up and eat wings!

Use #indywingsweek to share your wing eating adventures. NUVO will report our favorite each day.

20% of all restaurant registrations fees and sponsorships will go to Second Helpings.

Go to to see map of participating locations and passport to check off places as you go.

Website (

Facebook page (

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Hashtag – #indywingsweek

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Hoosier cities ranked among ‘Hardest Working’

INDIANAPOLIS (Inside INdiana Business) — Two Indiana cities are among the top 116 metropolitan areas across the country identified as “2020’s Hardest Working Cities in America,” according to a new study from WalletHub.

The personal finance website places Indianapolis at No. 47 and Fort Wayne at No. 72.

The ranking is based on 11 key metrics. The data set ranges from employment rate to average weekly work hours to share of workers with multiple jobs. WalletHub says the average U.S. worker puts in 1,786 hours per year, which is much higher than many other industrialized countries.

For instance, U.S. workers put in 403 more hours each year than German workers. For an average 40-hour workweek, that’s ten weeks of additional time “on the clock.”

But WalletHub says working more hours does not necessarily translate into higher productivity.

“In fact, empirical research shows that as the number of working hours increases, employee productivity starts to decline,” said Stephanie Andel, an assistant professor in the IUPUI Department of Psychology.

Andel is one of five experts asked by WalletHub to weigh-in on the workload.

“We simply are not wired to be working constantly, and we lose valuable mental resources as the workday goes on,” explains Andel. “This reduces our ability to maintain our work engagement over long periods, and in turn, creates diminishing returns when it comes to employee output and productivity.”

The list also included data on average commute time and the number of workers leaving vacation time unused.

“Overworked employees also struggle to balance their work and non-work roles (such as family demands), which further impacts their stress and health levels,” Andel said. “These problematic outcomes can also be felt by the organization’s bottom line in the form of increasing health insurance costs, employee absenteeism and turnover.”

WalletHub says the hardest working U.S. city is Anchorage, Alaska.

Click here to view the entire list.