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Firefighter Tim’s March Madness Workout

Firefighter Tim’s March Madness Workout

Are you the type of person who can’t miss a single game of March Madness? If so, have some fun and perhaps some good competition, while you’re watching!

On today’s Indy Style, Firefighter Tim Griffin shows us a workout that has certain exercises assigned to things that happen during the game. There’s also an alternate workout for those NCAA wrestling fans during Match Madness.

Here’s the workout:

During one of the games, instead of sitting and watching pre-assign different exercise movements to  things that will happen during the game.  For example, when someone takes a free throw: 5 squats; or when someone calls a time out: 30 second plank. And just in case you are like me, you can do this same workout with Match Madness the NCAA wrestling tournament on March 20.

March Madness workout:

Free throw= 5 squats 

Time out = 30 second plank 

3 pointer = 3 Burpees 

Slam dunk = 15 jumping jacks 

Miss free throw=10 lunges 

Someone says Cinderella story=15 pushups 

Over time=2 min wall sit 

March Madness 

Takedown=10 pushups 

Reversal=15 squats 

Escape=10 lunges 

Back points= 10 tri dips 

Stalling call= 30 second plank