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Hometown Hero: Carmel man makes his mark in U.S. Navy

This young man is currently in Navy Bootcamp training and attempting to become an officer in the United States Navy. Officer Candidate, Adam Baker, is also a Carmel, IN native. He joined us today to share part of his story. Here’s more about him:

He’s a 2016 graduate of Carmel High School who is hoping to make his mark in the Navy as a Naval Aviator. A true American patriot, Baker joined the Navy for one simple reason, “I believe military service is the highest honor that one can have,” Baker said.

Officer Candidate School, located in Newport, Rhode Island is a grueling 13 week long program that will put Baker and his classmates to the test morally, mentally, and physically. If he passes and graduates with his class in March, he’ll be commissioned as an Ensign and join the ranks of our Navy’s leadership.