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How to Fetch A Date with a fellow dog-lover

If you’re single – looking for that right person to share Valentine’s Day with – how about letting your dog be your guide? Sheryl Matthys of and Author of “Leases and Lovers” is here to help.

Sheryl says: Especially today – What’s the 1 thing everyone wants? It’s Love! If you’re single – or you remember those days when you were single – and you spotted someone you wanted to meet – coming up with an opening line was often awkward.

What if you had a wingman of sorts to do that for you? Well, for dog lovers – that’s just the case. It’s your dog! And, dogs aren’t just pets, they are a part of the family. is the place online Where Dog Lovers Meet for a date or potential mate – because for dog lovers – a fellow dog lover is a must!

And guys, I’ve interviewed hundreds of women dog lovers and they all say there won’t even be a 2nd date if the guy doesn’t like their dog too. FetchaDate isn’t just your ordinary dating site.


E. 3 Tips to 1st date WITH a Dog Lover!

1. Take genuine interest in their dog

2. Be a pack – what do they like to do with dog

3. Bring a treat for the dog & flower for woman

F. 3 tips to a great date if you are the dog lover!

1. No baby talk/dress up of your dog

2. Don’t kiss your dog on the lips

3. Don’t let your dog lick the plate

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