Indy Style

Meet Joey! He’s small, but mighty! The Indy Dog Whisperer shares TIPS for Handling LITTLE Dogs

Don’t let that adorable face fool you! The Indy Dog Whisperer’s Nathan Lowe introduces us to Joey, a pint sized little rascal, and shares tips on how to handle the littlest of pups!

  1. Understand the Human Perspective
    • cute/small “toys” to be carried, put in lap, babied
      (result of this is possessiveness)
    • we have bred wolves to look like stuffed animals
  2. Seeing from Mom’s Perspective
    • concerned with respect and rules (snap & growl)
    • don’t think their pups are “cute”
  3. Practical Steps for Greater Peace & Harmony
    • take them seriously and handle with dignity
    • don’t permit claiming behaviors