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Setting fitness goals for 2020… and sticking to them!

When better to get started on your health journey, then on the eve of a new decade?!

Firefighter Tim says the first step to success is to Start!! The second step to make this New Year’s resolution stick is to be consistent. Commit to putting you and your health first. Remember you are doing this for YOU! The third step focus on what you love about yourself; starting from a positive place is so much better then being down on yourself. The fourth step is to set goals for both long term and short term to help you stay motivated. And the fifth and final goal is to be prepared to be uncomfortable. Starting a new healthier lifestyle of fitness and wellness can have many places that can be uncomfortable. Pushing through a workout can hurt and be difficult, and going to a gym or choosing to exercise over something easier can all be uncomfortable. But once you’ve pushed past that, you’ll see the results of health.

Here are a few other key points: Try to workout at the same time as this can help straighten habits; and continue past the 3-week mark, as this when most studies say people stop their resolutions.

Workout examples:
First week: walk 10 minutes 6 days a week
Second week: 30 minutes of cardio 5 days week
Third week: add full body work out 3 days a week plus your 30 minutes of cardio

Example of a full body dumbbell workout:

1: Lunge with curl 10 each side
2: Chest Press 12 reps
3: Bent over rows 12 reps
4: Dead lift 12 reps
5: Shoulder press 10 reps
6: Pullovers 10 reps
7: Squats 12 reps
8: Plank 20 seconds work up over time to a minute