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TOP Indianapolis chefs team up for CULINARY CROSSROADS

Two “bros.” Two dishes. ONE mission!

In our kitchen today, we get the award-winning Neal Brown, Neal Brown, Chef, Ukiyo, and Gallery Pastry Shop’s Culinary “Genius,” Ben Hardy, showing us a LAMB dish and then the components of traditional French pastry– all to help support Culinary Crossroads– an event to promote the people, places, products and services that make up Indiana’s culinary community. To tell us more about, we also hear from Culinary Crossroads Founder LD Dickerson.

Here’s more:

The spring dinner series that Neal and Ben will be kicking off April 7 at Highland Country Club, focuses on “Great food, great talent and great causes.” It’s a chance to reconnect with some of the city’s top chefs, enjoy their food and support their causes, as a donation will be made to each chef’s charity of choice.