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Unique Home Solution: Get A (Pantyhose) Leg Up

Today’s Unique Home Solution: Get A (Pantyhose) Leg Up helps you keep ice dams from building up in your gutters.  Take an old pair of panty hose and fill the leg with ice melt and put it in your gutters.  It will act as a slow melt to help keep the ice from building up.

After this aired, another viewer sent us the following suggestion:

You might add that in order for this to work and not create other costly damage you have to be sure to get a panty hose bag in gutter at each downpour so that ice in down spout can melt allowing melting ice to go down the down spout, otherwise it will melt, run over edge of gutter, re-feeezing into large ice cycles that then get heavy pulling gutters loose from house…Making sure attic is ventilated correctly, especially soffett is the correct way to avoid these issues all together.”

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