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Unique Home Solutions reminds you that small things can matter

Sometimes it’s the smaller things that get over looked, but those are some of the most important things, especially in the home remodeling business. Bob Dillon, President of Unique Home Solutions, explains.

We have prided ourselves in offering quality products and quality work and service for over 30 years. We offer USA made products- this is something we strongly believe in doing. We want our customers to get quality products that they are proud to show in their homes.”

Bob adds:

Our windows are triple pane, giving you the best efficiency possible. The glass is treated so it blocks heat loss. Our sashes and frames offer the strength of steel and have their own insulation.

The argon gas provides another level of insulation and absorbs radiation. The SuperSpacer keeps it between the three panes of glass giving kore life to your window.

UV Protection – this is a great additive that protects not only you and your loved ones from those harmful rays but also keeps your furniture and carpet from fading.

Our window installers take pride in their work We only use trained employee crews- no outside contractors – this is important because you will know it is one of Unique’s employees coming out to your home and that your will receive the work and quality of product you deserve. You may even find your home is even quieter after installing new windows.Q. Options

A. We want our customers to be happy with their choices and by offering windows that are custom built with choices of full or half screens, color choices including a wood grain look and grid options, they will have the windows they want. They will have several styles to choose from as well, sliders, double hung, bays and bows, etc…

Q. Great time of year to take care of those drafty old windows…

A. Yes, it is. Not only so you can take advantage of our window sale, you can improve the look of our home for the holidays, make it more efficient and appreciate all of the little things that we offer to make your house a better home.

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