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Kid-ing with Kayla: Class valentine’s

Kid-ing with Kayla: Many parents were asked to bring cards and treats for their child’s classrooms on Valentine’s Day. This seems like an easy task but some take is more seriously than others.

There’s a trend online where people will take a photo of their kid holding out their hand and then print it and stick an actual sucker where the hand is on the picture. Unfortunately, I took an easy craft and made if difficult by accidentally designing the card to have my son’s hand at the very edge. This made many of the valentine cards rip and need tape to hold the suckers.

It took me awhile to design, pick up and assemble these valentine’s for the class. I really only cared about my son’s reaction. I was hoping he would be so excited to see the final result! You know what he had to say? “What? My class gets suckers? That’s no fair. I want a sucker!”

I think the trick to parenting is keeping your expectations low. Allan got a sucker like the rest of the class and came around to thank me once he calmed down. I am glad I can laugh about it now.

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