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2 Indiana teens team up to revamp book series they created as kids

Two Indiana teens started writing their first book at as second graders. Within about two years it was published, and now they’re reuniting again as teenagers to expand their “Mystery of the Stolen Pearl Necklace” series.

Annie Meade and Bailey Richards, co-authors, joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss the story of how they became child authors, how they came back together after six years apart, what you can expect from their book series and more. Here’s more from them:

This experience taught us hard work, determination and how to face critiques to what we were proud of. With much perseverance, we saw our dream to the end, and now we want to show other young creative minds that they can do the same.

We also want to encourage others to pursue their passions, no matter how out of reach the end goal may seem. We recently picked back up the sequels we had conceptualized for this series and continue to pursue what brings us joy in this way. We are looking forward to the continued experiences this journey is bringing us. 

For more information and to purchase the book, click here.