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5 Things Parents Should Know When Posting About their Kids on Social Media

The internet is a vast and wide ocean, and throwing your kids into it before they have even learned to swim in real life can have some unfortunate consequences.  Jeanine Bobenmoyer, Digital Editor at Indy’s Child , is here to give parents some tips and insight into what it means to bring your child into your online social media world with you.  She brought some helpful tips, some to keep your kids safe, and some to save you from having half of your friends “Unsubscribe” from anything you post in the future.

  • 1. No nudity. All the privacy settings in the world won’t keep these pictures completely private!
  • 2. Skip the subtle brag. Let’s just relax on proving that our baby is the next Einstein.
  • 3. Pass on the potty play-by-play. Sharing the details of your child’s defecation and urination to a broad audience is just a no.
  • 4. Those in glass houses. Forget internally scrutinizing every decision you make, now the whole world and all of your friends (or the random acquaintance you “friended” after meeting once who now comments on every post) can scrutinize all aspects of your parenting style.
  • 5. Let’s get real. Let other people know that you are human and struggle just like the rest of us.