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5 ways to transition your skin regimen from winter to spring

5 ways to transition your skin regimen from winter to spring

Winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin, so it’s important we take care of it now AND as we transition into warmer temperatures.

Taelor Holland, Skin I’m In Skin Essentials & Beauty Bar, shares FIVE ways to transition your skin regimen from winter to spring:

-Cut back on heavy creamed based products: Switching to a gel based moisturizer for example will help keep pores from being clogged. In the winter you need that extra protection. During the spring you need to use light weight products to keep your skin balanced

-Exfoliating: Our skin tends to be less sensitive due to the humidity in the air during the spring. It’s suggested that you are exfoliating at least twice week. To get rid of dead skin cells and prevent pores from being clogged.

-Amp up your SPF: Daily use of spf 25 is great to protect your skin but when enjoying outside for longer periods of time is best to use a higher SPF like 30. You’ve been snuggled in the house all winter now it’s time to enjoy the outdoors but always be careful by protecting your skin from the suns harmful UV Rays.

-Add In antioxidant Serum: As the weather warms up you’ll probably be spending more time outside. It’s best to add a serum that is high in antioxidants this will protect you from the free radicals in the air.

Spring clean your products: Now is the best time to transition your products into better and NATURAL products what better way to start by purging your cabinet getting rid of all those toxic products and start fresh just like the beautiful flowers blossoming during this time of year.

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