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App allows you to buy a car without leaving your home

If you’re in the market for a new car, but not looking forward to the in-person experience. Here’s a way to stay home and skip the dealership. You can lease or buy a new vehicle through an innovative app called, “Car Snoop.” Cole Keesling, President/Founder, Car Snoop and Janel Keesling, Brand Champion, Car Snoop joined us today to tell us how it works.

What you need to know about Car Snoop:

  • It’s locally owned and operated
  • It allows you to avoid sales calls/emails and traditional buying process taking time at the dealership 
  • Gets a new car delivered to your door (all paperwork completed at your home—no need to visit the dealership)
  • Provides a stress-free process with a new car concierge and local dealerships all bidding for your business
  • Allows anonymous buying (dealers only know the city in which you live—not gender, race, age, socioeconomic status, etc)
  • Responds to how people now shop due to pandemic — this is a contact-free and easy process. 

To learn more about Car Snoop visit their website and social media:

Facebook: CarSnoop 

Instagram: carsnoopindy