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Bryce Kenny talks all things Monster Jam

Monster Jam takes over Lucas Oil Stadium

Bryce Kenny, a professional drag racer, has seamlessly transitioned his racing expertise into a formidable presence on the Monster Jam circuit. Kenny’s journey in the world of Monster Jam began in 2016, and within his debut year, he demonstrated his prowess by securing his inaugural Freestyle victory. His remarkable achievements extend to accolades such as the 2019 Save of the Year award and the 2021 Outreach Award, illustrating his impact both on and off the arena floor.

Kenny, who pilots the Great Clips Mohawk Warrior, is not solely dedicated to competition. He has also made significant contributions to Monster Jam’s television coverage, further cementing his presence in the sport. His multifaceted involvement underscores his commitment to the Monster Jam community and its fans.

In addition to Bryce Kenny’s impressive career, Monster Jam enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting event on the horizon. Amicia Ramsey is set to provide an exclusive preview in the upcoming Monster Jam event. Her insights and expertise promise to offer fans a sneak peek into the thrills and excitement that await them, ensuring that Monster Jam remains a must-watch spectacle for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.