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Celebrate Science Indiana to encourage importance of studying science, joy of discovery this weekend

It’s time to celebrate science!

Celebrate Science Indiana is happening on Saturday, October 1 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Blue Ribbon Pavilion. 

Scientist Rick Crosslin joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” alongside Allison Kempers, curriculum coach at Wayne Township Preschool, Joshua Pierce, Wayne Township Preschool student and aspiring scientist, Kaylee Kempers, Robey Elementary student and aspiring engineer, Luke Kempers, Robey Elementary student and aspiring engineer, and Steve Wilson, diagnostics development leader at Cummins Inc., to discuss the fun learning opportunities for people of all ages at this event.

They also brought along a few live rats and a preview of hands-on activities that inspire attendees about the future of transportation.

Activities that will be at the show include: LEGOs, build your own battery, a working electric school bus and more! 

Celebrate Science Indiana, Indiana’s Premier Science Festival, is a public event that demonstrates the importance of studying science and the joy of discovery, the economic value of science and its significance to society. For all age groups and for individuals from all walks of life, science impacts our daily lives and the event aims to encourage young Hoosiers to pursue exciting, rewarding careers in science. 

Celebrate Science Indiana features interactive events and activities, and, whenever possible, it will provide take-home information, activities, or innovative ideas for further investigation. Prominent participants at the event include local and national science-based industries and businesses, federal agencies, educational institutions, and public institutions that have a major emphasis on science or science education, such as the Indiana State Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. 

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