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Check out these products invented by kids… for kids!

Who better than kids to know “what kids want?!” Check out these fun kid products with “Mompreneurs” Sherri French and Carly Corogi!

1) Honestly Margo

Product:  Serenity Vapor Balm is great for headaches, stress, tension, sinus relief – $10, Tinted balms are certified organic – $8, The Body Balm is really a big chubby lip balm, but good enough for chapped areas like cuticles or knuckles – $12

  • Great price points.
  • The vapor GREAT for travel because it’s not a liquid.
  • Feel amazing and WORK! Once people try these they fall in love with them.
  • Her story. Just featured on TLC’s Kid Tycoons


Product: IKOS 26pc Creator Set – $19.99, IKOS 44pc Family Set – $29.99

  • Born out of a high school program with 3 students. Mina, Paige, and Gates
  • The only shape that allows you to build a ball and create with curves!
  • Made in the USA out of recycled plastic, 7% of any profit goes back to education.

3) Lyla Tov Monsters

Product:  Madeline – $19.99, Squonk – $19.99, Forrest – $19.99, Charlotte – $19.99 (currently out of stock – due late Spring), Billy & Dak (book) – $14.99

  • Made by a kid for kids.
  • Original design made by Lyla when she was 3 years old appeals to young kids who generally design in a similar style. (round body, thin, floppy arms and legs)
  • Helps kids sleep at night knowing they have their own Monster keeping bad monsters and other fears away. Also keeps kids in their own beds and out of their parents’ bed!
  • Annual donation made to children’s charities from the proceeds.

4) Poketti

Product:  Poketti Plushies with Pocket Powers – Eight new animal plush toys with a useful back pocket to hold your phone, notes, gift card, tooth fairy treats or other small treasures. Series2 includes: Sydney the Penguin, Toni the Bunny, Parker the Owl, Shawn the Unicorn, Flynn the Pig, Frankie the Panda, Scout the Chick and Harley the Koala -$12 each. (released mid-February). Current Poketti are available now: Sydney the Penguin, Toni the Bunny, Baxter the Puppy and Roxi the Kitty – $12 each.

  • Designed by young entrepreneurs, Sydney and Toni Loew founded Poketti LLC in 2013 after being inspired by their 7th-grade entrepreneurial class in Palo Alto, CA. They raised $20,000 on Kickstarter for their first series of Poketti Plushies with a Pocket and are now releasing Series2 (mid-February)
  • Poketti Plushies with Pocket Powers have unique personalities, ambitious life goals and positive character traits (i.e. confidence, kindness, generosity, etc.) to empower kids to be the best they can be. With gender-neutral names and diverse real-world interests, Poketti Plushies are inclusive to everyone. Pocket Powers are expressed through stickers in the pocket, and through activities, stories and quotes online.
  • Both cute and functional, Poketti Plushies are a perfect place to stash your small treasures such as your phone, notes, dreams, tooth fairy treats – a perfect companion while you sleep or travel.

5) Yourself Expression

Product: Interchangeable Jewelry – $4-$22

  • Beautiful but affordable
  • It allows you to be the designer of your own jewelry.
  • You can create wear and change as often as you change your clothes or styles.
  • It allows you to share your passions by changing out a Popper

6) Zollipops

Product:  Zollipops The Clean Teeth Pops – $4.99 – $5.99 (Get $1.00 off coupon by liking Zollipops at

  • Created by now 11yr old Kidpreneur, Alina Morse, because she LOVES candy and was tired of hearing, “No more sugar” from her parents.
  • Sugar-free and nearly allergen-free, GREAT for school lunches and snacks on the Go! Finally something you can feel great about giving your family!
  • Perfect AFTER YOU EAT to leave your teeth feeling smooth and clean!
  • Zollipops gives10% of all Profits to support oral health education in schools, along with 250,000 Zollipops

7) Two Bros Bows

Product: Flame Combo Set – $52.99 (Flame Bow, 3 Arrows- Flame, Red and Yellow, Flame Quiver Bag and small bullseye), Peacock Combo Set – $52.99 (Peacock Bow, 3 Arrows-Peacock, Cobalt and Aqua, Peacock Quiver Bag and small bullseye)

  • TAGIE Award “Kid Inventor of the Year”
  • Kid Invented by two brothers, Duncan and Hayden at the ages of 10 and 7.
  • Made in the USA
  • Kid Friendly first time archery set for Kids.
  • Mother approved