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Chilling haunts at Piney Acres Farm

In the mood for a ghost story? Here’s one for you:

Long ago, in the year 1692, after fleeing his home town to avoid involvement in the mysterious acts that led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Dr. E. Rex settled in a small rural area in Hancock County, Indiana. In the immediate years to follow, people and animals slowly began disappearing. Curious and outraged about the strange disappearances, the town-folk stormed the home of Dr. E. Rex in order to put a stop to his heinous acts. The doctor, although admitting to performing these experiments, never revealed the location of his secret laboratory in which they took place before he was hanged for his crimes ex was accidentally uncovered in the loft of Piney Acres Farm and the doctor’s secrets exposed.

Get spooked this Halloween at Piney Acres Farm, a 73-acre farm nestled in the heart of Hancock County. Daytime fall attractions including pumpkin patch and corn maze. This is the last weekend for all 3 haunts (loft, trail and hayride) Saturday and Sunday. 7-10 p.m.

Chef Amy from A Cut Above Catering got in on the scares today too!

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