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Choosing the right running shoe

Bill Hartman from IFAST shares tips for choosing the right running shoe, and why finding the right shoe is important.

Feet tend to be unique…shoes don’t actually change your foot mechanics…What we need to worry about is how the shoe affects everything above the foot.

Three simple tests to help you get the shoe you need.

Look for a shoe with a rigided heel counter…control of the heel is like control of the hip.

Be shoe you can bend in the toe box.

You want to have a stiff midsole. If you can’t bend it, you have good sensation with the ground and that helps control the mechanics all the way up.

The best thing is to visit iFAST. They have a number of tests they can do to help you know what shoe you need.  And ask the pros like Runners Forum, who provided the shoes for this segment who can also help you find a good shoe that will last you and help you get them most out of it.

For more information visit their website at