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Comedian Brian Dunkleman to perform at Crackers Comedy

You may remember him as a former co-host on the first season of American Idol, but since then, comedian Brian Dunkleman has moved on from the days of the golden ticket, into his own world of comedy! Brian is set to perform at Crackers Downtown through Saturday but first stopped by Indy Style for a few laughs!


Les and Jane Dunkleman were the proud parents of nine children….and then Brian was born. Due to a desire to have his parents one day address him by the correct name, Brian started doing stand up comedy in 1992. That year he won the “Buffalo’s Funniest New Comedian Contest”. Granted, the contest was voted on by the audience and he brought 50 people with him, but that’s not important….the point is, he never looked back.

Since then, he’s performed at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, on the “Tonight Show”, NBC’s “Late Friday”, and TBS’s “Very Funny at the Laugh Factory”. Brian has had acting roles on several hit television shows such as “FRIENDS”, “3RD ROCK FROM the SUN”, “THAT 70’s SHOW”, “GHOST WHISPERER”, “NYPD BLUE”, and “LAS VEGAS”. He was the voice of SANFORD on the MTV animated series “3 SOUTH”, as well as characters on “FAMILY GUY” and “PROUD FAMILY”. He also hosted the first season of “AMERICAN IDOL”, and knowing full well the show would never last, decided to continue to pursue his dream of breaking the record for pilots that never make the air. Brian was the host of the syndicated television show “AMERICAN IDOL REWIND,” along with being a regular host of “Family Feud Live” in Atlantic City for Fremantle Media. He recently guest starred on two episodes of the NBC hit show “MY NAME IS EARL”, which was then abruptly canceled. Brian can be seen doing stand up regularly in Los Angeles at the Laugh Factory and Improv, as well as comedy clubs all over the country. He also just had a comedy special air on SHOWTIME.

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