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Correcting Doggy Table Manners with The Indy Dog Whisperer

Table manners– they’re not just for kids!

On today’s Indy Style, Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, introduces us to a Doberman pincher named Hasmeena, who had some trouble respecting her human mom while she was eating. Nathan walks us through how he helped Hasmeena and chats about rules related to food and dogs. Here’s more:

                   FOOD RULES!
  1. Create a “Zone of Respect” Around Food
    (food is survival to dogs, and control of it
    equals authority)
    – around eating & prepping spaces
    you’re in
    – around yourself when you’re eating
    – even when preparing THEIR food!
  2. Use Treats Effectively
    – don’t cue excitement (causes anxiety/
    dominance signaling)
    – toss, don’t hand feed ( rationale)
    – Give treats for relaxation/“parlor tricks”
    (not for submissive behaviors a ranking
    dog would expect)
  3. Be Alert for Food Guarding