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CRFT Cocktails: Elevating convenience in handcrafted drinks

Introducing CRFT Cocktails, where the art of mixology meets convenience. Maggie Day, the owner of CRFT Cocktails, joined us Tuesday morning to showcase the magic of creating two delicious cocktails using CRFT’s premium cocktail mix. She brought in a variety of bottles showcasing the cocktail mix, different liquor options, and tastefully arranged table decor.

During the interview, Maggie discussed the concept behind CRFT Cocktails. She shared the inspiration and process that led to the creation of this innovative product.

In addition to their signature mixes, Maggie discussed the range of other services and offerings provided by CRFT Cocktails. CRFT’s cocktail mix is made with all-natural, premium ingredients, ensuring a fresh and flavorful drinking experience without the need for preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives of any kind.

To learn more about CRFT Cocktails and stay connected with their latest updates, visit their website at and follow them on social media @crftcocktails.