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Dining at the Indiana Memorial Union goes from casual to elegant

Damian Esposito, Executive Chef, Indiana Memorial Union shows us the versatility of the Indiana Memorial Union dining experience.

Chef shares recipes from the Tudor room, which is open to the public for lunch Monday – Friday and Sunday brunch. It’s one of the nicest brunches in the City!  The Indiana Memorial Union caters all over campus and throughout the city of Bloomington for events and weddings.RECIPES:

Chef Esposito created for us a unique Brussels Sprouts cake. Much like a crab cake.

Blanch the Brussels Sprouts with a little bit of baking soda. The baking soda will denature the vegetable, soften it and act as a binding agent.

Finely chop them in a food processor and add some onion, chopped garlic, rendered bacon, one egg, bread crumbs and some floor.

Add lemon zest and pulse until you get a mixture that will stick together.

Then take the mixture, form it into balls and flatten into small cakes.

Put the cakes into a fry pan with rendered bacon fat. (you can use olive oil if you prefer)

Cook until brown on each side.

Serve with the lovely duck breast he created for us.

Those beautiful (and edible) pansies, came right out of the garden at IU.

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