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Eagle Creek Apiary offers locally sourced honey, variety of honey-based products

This father-daughter duo is teaching us all about honey!

Jeff and Amelia Cripe from Eagle Creek Apiary joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to give us a taste of their many flavors of local honey, share why raw local honey is important for the human system and allergy purposes and more. Here’s more from them:

Eagle Creek Apiary is family owned and operated business right here in the heart of Indiana. We provide our communities with raw honey, and pollen for a natural combatant to flora-based allergies and our process is truly special. 

We carefully select each strain of our bees for survivability and honey production to make sure they are safe and happy. Our hives are placed in locations that are traceable and provide natural resources for the bees who collect the nectar and pollen. 

Due to this, we can create a spectrum of seasonal honey and spreads that are of the finest quality for you and your loved ones. We use the best materials during our production process like our stainless steel drums to ensure the highest grade purity in our raw honey. By holding hive temperatures and relative humidity in our state of the art facility we’re able to then provide enzymatically alive bee products! 

For more information, click here and visit:

Instagram: @eaglecreekapiary
Facebook: Eagle Creek Apiary