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Film Yap looks at the movie now playing including Unfriended

Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd takes at look at the films out in theaters this week in Indy. There are a lot of releases this week and some interesting choices.

True Story – a drama starring Jonah Hill

If you are in to this sort of thing…sort of a psychological, twisty kind of movie, I think it might be up your alley.”

Unfriended – a new horror film

Really a twist on the theme. Takes place entirely through the computer screens of six teenagers. It is actually really creepy…one of the most innovative horror films we have seen in a while.”

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – starring Kevin James

Tracy had a chance to talk with Kevin James.  Check out his interview at

Child 44

Didn’t get to screen it but it looks interesting.”

Monkey Kingdom – from Disney Nature

Very family friendly movie.”

Merchants of Doubt – documentary

About the people who are enlisted to testify as scientific experts even thought they are not scientist…a look at the science versus the spin.”

Out on video

Big Eyes – Buy It

I really encourage you to see this one.”

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