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Film Yap takes a look at what’s at the movies including The Age of Adaline

Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd has your best bet film for this week in Indy.

The Age of Adaline – romance movie with a Sci-Fi twist

The first half does not work but the second half really picks up.  Harrison Ford shows up as the boyfriend’s father…he is terrific. This is one of Harrison Ford’s best performances and he kind of rescues the movie.”

Ex Machina – hard-core Sci-Fi film

Fabulously wealthy young guy…has built a robot…with perfect artificial intelligence. It becomes this very creepy moody thing…definitely a worthy science fiction film very much in that creepy dark contemplative role.”

The Water Diviner – Starring and Directed by Russell Crowe

He goes on this quest to find his sons bodies and bury them by their mother.”

Little Boy – uplifting

A boy whose father is sent off to war…starts to believe he has the power to do these magical acts…He wants to bring his dad home.”

Out on Video

The Babadook – Buy It

Very creepy Australian horror film…it got a lots of nominations for awards…one of the best horror films in a while.”

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