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Financial Center First Credit Union helps feed the hungry with the Mozel Sanders Foundation

Their mission? “People helping people.”

On today’s Indy Style, Dusty Simmons, Vice President of Membership Development, Financial Center First Credit Union, shares more about their relationship with the Mozel Sanders Foundation.

  • Financial Center is a credit union and part of our mission is ‘people helping people’. We do that in three specific areas: supporting military and veterans, providing free financial education, and helping to feed the hungry
  • Financial Center has been associated with the Mozel Sanders Foundation for over 20 years, but didn’t get more actively involved until about 10 years ago. At that time, one of the CU’s employees took a vested interest in the Foundation’s purpose and mission and brought a true partnership about because of our shared desire to reach the community through hunger initiatives. Over these last 10 years, as Mozel Sanders Foundation’s goals and reach have grown, so has our support. Unfortunately, food insecurity doesn’t just happen for the big meals like Thanksgiving, for many in Central Indiana, it’s monthly or weekly or even daily need that isn’t being met. The organization’s mission to help people provide basic needs is just something we’ve always believed, too, that if you do something good for someone in your community, good will come back to you.
  • In addition to helping support the Foundation’s food campaign financially, in recent years, we tied in our passion for providing financial education and started offering annual scholarships through the Foundation network.
  • In the past, Financial Center has given out 4-5 scholarships per year through the Mozel Sanders Foundation application process to recipients who are moving on to some form of higher education whether that be a college or trade school. Every year, our AVP of Financial Literacy, James Davidson, attends the Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Day Feast festivities at Butler University and presents these scholarship recipients with their checks.
  • But, this is a different kind of year and so we’re doing something a little different this year – providing financial aid to those most affected by COVID-19 –essential workers who have risked a lot by continuing to serve the rest of this through this pandemic. So if you work in healthcare, emergency services, agriculture or food, transportation, financial services, civil service, or other essential functions –this scholarship is for you.
  • Our AVP of Financial Literacy, along with some special guests will be awarding 5 – $500 scholarships live right here on WISH TV from Financial Center’s office on East 56th on Nov 24th. It’s such a special moment to celebrate and appreciate those who have risked more to help the greater good this year, and we’re happy to share it with your viewers.
  • The scholarship application is online at on the scholarship page and we are accepting applications through November 20. Recipients will be notified shortly after.
  • And if you’re watching this today saying, boy despite everything, I sure have been blessed this year, I encourage you to take a few minutes today to text to donate your $5, $10, $25 – whatever you can give – to help provide a healthy Thanksgiving meal to a less fortunate Hoosier family this year.