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Finding Faith: Punching back against Parkinson’s disease

Steve Gilbert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2004 following prostate cancer. He started Rock Steady Boxing in 2007 to help get through it!

Gilbert felt blessed to have Parkinson’s in Indianapolis, the only Rock Steady location at the time. Now there are over 800 locations around the world. 

He says boxing gave him strength, resulting in him setting personal records when he was 70!

“Running is so good. Can muscles silently praise YOU? I catch a vision of life’s goodness in the pounding of my feet, even in the sweat pouring down. YOU made this warm machine, and YOU gave me the responsibility to keep it going. I will pray now, with energy, exertion – gutting it out. But I will not pray with words for awhile. For YOU are here as I pick up speed. And what, after all, needs to be said at this moment?” 

Runners Prayer by Steve Gilbert