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Firefighter Tim brings his three daughters for “Workout Wednesday”

You’re familiar with his “Workout Wednesdays” on Indy Style, and now Carmel Firefighter Tim Griffin shows ways to get the kids involved in the workouts! His daughters Vera (7-years-old), Amelia (5-years-old), and Stella (4-years-old) love playing outside, so Firefighter Tim found ways to turn exercising into fun games for the kids, such as his own creation, Freeze Ball!

Tim says, “Get up, get out, and make exercise a game with your kids to help teach them to fall in love with exercise and an active healthy lifestyle!”

Here’s how:

There are several ways to get out and get exercise with your kids. Just going to the park and encouraging them to run, jump, and climb are great activities for them to get their hearts pumping and build good body strength. While you’re there, don’t be afraid to join them in the activities. Just by running around and playing, one can easily burn 150 to 200 calories in 20 to 30 minutes while having fun with your kids.

Some fun games you can play with your kids that will help you get your heart racing and calories burning are simple classics like tag or a game that Carmel firefighter Tim Griffin plays with his girls: Freeze Ball. It’s the kids vs. him: they take several soft balls, and the object is for them to hit him with the ball and freeze him before he’s able to hit all of them freezing them. They are allowed to tag each other to unfreeze and continue play. To make them game harder, you can have them freeze in a plank or on one foot to work on balance or core strength. Other fun games include having all the kids get in to a big circle or across from each other in a plank position and push an exercise ball back and forth while holding plank. You could also get the kids can get into a crab walk position and either kick the ball back and forth or play a modified type of soccer in crab walk position.

Remember if your kids incorporate fun with exercise, they will grow to always love it!!!