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Gadget gifts to give yourself after the holidays

If you didn’t get what you wanted as a gift over the holidays, that’s okay! Here are some great gadgets you can get yourself and appreciate just as much, if not more.

1. Omniball Rolling Workout Ball

Want to take some of that holiday weight off? The Omniball is an OmniDirectional fitness device equipped with integrated Velcro straps that can be used as a gripless weight for either your hands or feet. Coming in either a 2-pound or 4-pound variation, this awesome fitness device can equally challenge your strength, stability and flexibility like you’ve never seen before, ultimately offering you the ability to do both traditional and functional training. What makes it work flawlessly is its innovative 360° OmniDirectional rolling system, which creates instability to challenge your balance, while also providing you with a really decent bodyweight workout. Thanks to that, you can equally perform traditional and functional exercises for both your upper and lower body. No matter if you’re a fitness beginner or an experienced athlete, the tremendous versatility of the Omniball gives you the ultimate quick and efficient total body workout! video: 

2. DreamFarm Kitchen Gadgets Line 

$5.95 – $49.95 

DreamFarm makes unconventional, and yet unique kitchen gadgets that work better than their traditional competition. The DreamFarm Scizza, for example, is a unique and ultra-reliable pair of curved scissors that works as a specialized pizza cutter. The DreamFarm Tapi is a tap-attachment that lets water pass through it until it]s squeezed to conveniently transform your tap into a drinking fountain. The DreamFarm Jot is a suction hook attachment that easily hangs on to anything to keep stuff like extra kitchen gadget cables, nice and tidy. The DreamFarm Smood Lite is a nylon potato masher equipped with a powerful spring that can quickly flatten your sliced and cooked potatoes to quickly create a smooth and fluffy mash. The DreamFarm Supoon works as a universal spoon, allowing you to measure with it or to scrape your pan or bowl clean, while its unique clever-handle design lets it rest sitting upwards. The DreamFarm Garject is a versatile garlic press that can conveniently press unpeeled garlic, while also scraping itself clean and ejecting all the garlic peels. The DreamFarm Clongs are click-lock tongs that can sit upwards, working simply by opening with the push of a click-button, and then easily locking themselves closed by pushing their click-button again. video: 

3. Philips PicoPix Micro PPX321/INT Mobile Projector (Limited-Edition Red) 


Didn’t get that big screen TV for Xmas this year? The Philips PicoPix Micro PPX321/INT Mobile Projector is an after-holiday alternative… a compact and ultra-powerful Wireless DLP Projector that can be used to easily share your content while you’re on-the-go. Featuring up to 3 hours of battery life and offering you support to both 540p and 1920 x 1080p resolutions to project an image up to 65”, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for video streaming, a built-in Media Player, and tons of connectivity options, this is the perfect media gadget to travel with. Additionally, it’s 3W internal speaker lets you enjoy your content with decent quality sound. Lastly, you also get a few accessories that can be used for a stable Mini HDMI connection or wireless screen mirroring, including a multi-heads adapter, a convenient foldable tripod, and its remote control. Ultimately, this ultra-compact projector can be used to stream your favorite content wherever you are, no matter if it’s a short video that you’ve just filmed or a movie that you’ve been dying to watch. video: 

4. VIZIO Elevate 5.1.4 Home Theater Soundbar 


Whether you’re planning to set up or upgrade your home theater system, the VIZIO Elevate 5.1.4 Home Theater Soundbar promises to take your sound experience to the next level. Featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as its multi-dimensional sound codec, the system’s 18 total speakers with separate tweeters and dual woofers can bring to life the latest movies, sports events, gaming sessions, and everything in between. Its revolutionary auto-rotating Adaptive Height Speakers blast sound off the ceiling to deliver completely immersive overhead surround sound. Additionally, the system’s rear surround speakers are designed to push their high-quality audio upwards, which generates an immersive 360° audio experience from an overhead position, and that’s equally awesome for gaming, watching movies and listening to music. Moreover, the system’s included thunderous bass can produce a nice beat that goes all the way down to 30hz. The system also features Chromecast built-in, supports Bluetooth streaming, and also integrates 3 HDMI ports that can be connected to two 4K devices and the TV with eARC, making the system’s setup clean and simple. video:

5. LUXEAR Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket 


This one is for those that feel hotter than everyone else and still prefer to sleep a little bit cooler during the Winter. Meet the LUXEAR Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket, a high-quality cooling bed blanket that’s extremely soft, ultra-cool, as well as breathable and hypoallergenic. This unique and specialized cooling blanket is designed to improve the quality of your sleep by providing you with a refreshing sleep each and every night. It features both a dedicated and extremely refreshing cooling side and a more standard and warmer side. Still, both of its sides are ultra-soft and extremely breathable, which ultimately allows you to either use it to stay cool all night long, especially on hot Summer nights, or ultimately, to sleep nice and comfy during any other season. video: 

6. CouchCoaster Sofa Drink Holder 


This ingenious gadget is designed for those that love to spend most of their free-time relaxing on the couch. The CouchCoaster is a very flexible and ultra-adjustable silicone drink holder that’s designed in a curved shape to perfectly fit over any type of sofa arms, whether they’re flat, curved wide or narrow. It comes equipped with a weighted band that features a hard-grip tacky base to ensure that it always has a secure fit on all types of fabrics. While the CouchCoaster is designed as a universal “One-Size Fits All Drinks” sofa drink-holder to fit drinks up to 90mm wide, it also comes with a removable holder adaptor that supports drinks up to 70 mm wide. Lastly, its integrated “cut-out” mug handle slot lets you use this drink holder with your favorite mug. video: 

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