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Gutters and Expansions – what every homeowner needs to know

Get to the “gut” of the program with the crew from Unique Home Solutions! Today on Indy Style, Bob Dillon and Penny Stamps tell us what to look for when it comes to gutters and expansions.


  Q: Why are gutters so important? Gutters help pull the rainwater and debris away from the home to prevent water damage to your home, soffit and fascia. Pulling the rain water away from the home will preserve the home and will eliminate damage to your crawlspace or basement as well. With the approach of winter, you want to plan ahead and be sure your gutters will be ready for the severe storms and heavy snows and ice. We have professional employee installers who can do that for you.

  1. Why is your system so efficient? The Leafslugger gutter protection system is highly efficient and requires little maintenance. It is a larger 6″ guttering system that is covered and allows minimal debris to enter the gutters. It is made out of heavy gauge aluminum making it more durable. The gutters are custom mitered and seamless. When gutters get too full, they tend to pull away and sag and can cause damage to the home. A properly installed drip edge (as seen here) can help prevent ice damming and nails popping. We also want to keep our customers safe so, installing a virtually maintenance free guttering system will keep them on the ground and not having to climb up ladders to clean them out.
  2. How is offering such a quality service and product helping Unique to grow? We have a consultative approach and by offering quality products and excellent customer service allows us to be able to open up branches in other locations and provide our USA made products to other customers. We recently opened our 3rd branch in Columbus, Ohio. We are honored to be serving customers in the southern area of Ohio as well as the northern area with our branch in Cleveland/Akron.
  3. What does the future of Unique look like? We offer competitive wages, stock options, 401K, and great benefits. Hiring and retaining qualified employees along with offering quality products and professional installation will allow us to grow into even more markets over the next several years.


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