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HELP WANTED! Indiana Grand Racing & Casino offering to PAY you while you train to be a Casino Dealer

No degree necessary. No experience needed. Earn up to $23 an hour!

If this sounds like something you might be interested, take a listen, as we share even more details with the team from Indiana Grand Racing & Casino about how YOU can become a Casino Dealer!

• Casino Expansion
o 25,000 square foot space of gaming operations
o new 25-table Poker Room
o renovation of the entire casino gaming floor
o More than 100 new jobs will be created
Lee Ann
• How get started in table gaming? What’s your story?
• Best part of learning this trade?
• Female in a typically male dominated profession
• Benefits of becoming a dealer
o Learning a trade – like an electrician, plumber, etc.
o No degree necessary
 Could switch job
 Could be part time in school
o Job benefits
 401K
 Medical insurance
 Earn up to $23 an hour
 Paid while you train at dealer school
 Work in an upbeat entertaining environment

• Racing Returns
o Tuesday April 13th
o Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 2:25 & Thursday 3:25
o Special Saturday racing June 5, July 3&24, Aug 14, Sept 4, October 9 (those are all quarter horse) and a special th/qh racing date on October 30th
o Patrons are allowed at the track! As of right now masks & social distancing are required
o Taking things slow but we will have lots of fun activities each month starting in June
 TREX races in June, International Fest June, Indiana Derby is in July, Exotic Animal races also in July
 Family Friendly enjoy in the excitement of racing

To learn more, visit