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“Hide and Seek” Tour with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

It’s a public art “hide and seek” self-guided tour and YOU are invited!

On today’s Indy Style, Roland Smith, KIB Director of Community Engagement, and Consuelo Poland, Artist from the Latinas Welding Guild, tell us more about this partnership between Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

There will be a total of 106 new public art installations around the city, focused in neighborhoods that do not currently have a lot of public art investment (Martindale-Brightwood, Englewood, Hawthorne vs. downtown/Mass Ave, Broad Ripple or the city’s other established cultural districts). There are over 60 different artists participating in the project, each have been paired with a neighborhood group to create artwork reflective of the community – and in many cases the artists themselves live in the neighborhoods where they’re installing their art.

The majority of the art is up/installed now. The app is set to launch Sept. 5.

Endowment funded Indy Art & Seek through its 2018 initiative, Strengthening
Indianapolis Through Arts and Cultural Innovation. For more information, visit or follow @indyartandseek
and #artINDseek on social media.

Examples of Art & Seek
installations include:

Aliens Among Us by Christina Hollering

Shelton Heights GreenSpace, 3843-3837 Rockville Ave.

Enlarged versions of caterpillars
cut from neon vinyl, assembled, and hidden around Shelton Heights Park on Indy’s
westside for kids of all ages to find and engage

Companion Planting by Felissa King

Brookside Park, 3500 Brookside Parkway, South Drive

Custom-made cushions at the base
of a tree in Brookside Park on Indy’s near-eastside.

Comm-UNITY by Sabra Logan + Iibada Dance

32nd and Pennsylvania streets roundabout (pocket park at 212
E. 33rd St.)

Dance performance where Iibada Dance
Company dancers interact with the audience spreading the light of unity through
the UMOJA symbol. This performance, along with all other performances,
will have a video component to their pin on the app.

A Riverside Story by Kim McNeelan

Riverside Park, 2420 E. Riverside Drive

A large book sculpture made from
steel rod encourages people to think about the
history and future of the Riverside neighborhood on Indy’s near-westside, their own role in the story. Viewers can pose with the
book for photos as though they are the main character(s) in the story.