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How to make the perfect cookies for Santa feat. ‘Momma Shell’s Cookies’

Celebrating National Cookie Day

Momma Shell’s Cookies is a delightful venture born out of the love and warmth of Rachelle Huether, fondly known as “Momma Shell.”

Rachelle and her husband Tristian, lovingly nicknamed “Handsome,” have shared a 20-year journey, blessed with four wonderful children – RaShana (Purdy Girl), Travious, Taylor, and Damarius.

Rachelle’s kitchen was a haven of sweetness throughout their childhood, with homemade chocolate chip cookies being the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

These mouthwatering treats soon earned the nickname “Momma Shell’s Cookies” from their children’s friends, igniting a spark of inspiration.

Rachelle’s passion for baking and gardening has always been a therapeutic escape, but now, it’s blossomed into something more profound.

As their children go on their college journeys and new adventures, Rachelle and Handsome have started a new chapter.

They’re excited to share the goodness of Momma Shell’s Cookies with the world, hoping that you, too, will savor the love and joy baked into every bite.

Celebrating National Cookie Day part 2