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How to prepare your finances to buy a home in a hot housing market

How to prepare your finances to buy a home in a hot housing market

How to prepare your finances to buy a home in a hot housing market

We’re setting the record straight!

Laurie Jones of INHP (Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership) shares two frequently asked questions about buying a home in Indy’s hot housing market!

1. Am I too late, and have I missed out on the home buying season?
No, you’re never too late and you haven’t missed out because deciding to buy a home is very personal decision based on your unique situation.

Through classes and advising, INHP helps clients understand what it takes to own a home and how to determine what is right for you and your current and future situation.

2. How fast can I be ready to buy a home?
Instead of emphasizing “how fast” can you buy a home, consider focusing on “how ready” you are to buy a home.

Being ready includes being financially prepared to purchase a home, INHP’s home ownership classes and advising address these topics, such as
• Building a budget
• Understanding credit and
• Saving for down payment

If someone is ready to buy a home, what can they expect from INHP’s classes and advising services?
INHP’s classes and advising services are about homeowner development and we take a personalized approach to helping our clients throughout their homeownership journey – before, during and after they buy a home.
• Before – how do you qualify for a home loan?
• During – what are the steps in the homebuying process?
• After – what does it takes to maintain a home?

What kind of progress INHP clients experience?
INHP clients are paying off debt. They are budgeting and saving. They are increasing their credit scores – last year on average clients improved their credit scores by 50 points.

What are three tips for people who want to own a home, but aren’t sure where to start?
• Tip #1 – Remember to take things one step at a time. Saving is a lifestyle change, and it’s not going to happen overnight.
• On average, it takes’s clients nearly a year to prepare for successful homeownership.
• Tip #2 – Be patient with the process and don’t deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. Instead, do them in moderation.
• You shouldn’t resent saving – that’s not going to help keep you motivated.
• Tip #3 – Homeownership is possible, even if you have credit barriers.
• Last year, INHP clients improved their credit scores on average by 50 points.

What are the costs and time commitments associated with’s classes and advising services?
• We meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go – whether that’s improving your finances, saving for a down payment or becoming a more informed renter.
• We offer online and in-person classes, many of which are free.
• You can learn more about our classes and advising online by visiting and clicking on the classes and advising section.

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