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InCycle helps you get fit for the new year

For those looking for a different way to get in shape this year, you may want to try a bike class. InCycle is Indy’s only cycling-only studio to offer cardio, upper body and core strengthening hybrid classes.

What’s hot: Competitive spin classes are one of the trends to watch in 2015. Cycling classes always are going to be popular, especially for men, but those that create a greater sense of community will move to the fore, especially when they create a sense of digital engagement and competition. Popular classes and bikes will tell the rider their average wattage, maximum RPMs and will track their ride.

What we’ve done in order to create a cycling class that is a little more exciting than the typical cycling class is to add upper body and core work.” — Cathy Miller, InCycle

InCycle is Indy’s only cycling only studio to offer cardio, upper body and core strengthening hybrid classes. It is not a typical spin class – they add upper body into their workouts using bars, resistance bands and 3 and 5 lb weights.

They have computers on their bikes that measure speed and mileage covered. They are connected to The Yoga Studio, that allows them to offer spin/hot yoga combo classes called Ride Restore.

Friday nights are theme nights at InCycle. Each instructor comes up with his/her own theme (Jay-Z vs. Beyonce Ride, 80s Rock Ride, Fleetwood Mac Ride, Live DJ Ride).

Cycling HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes are offered. HIIT classes involve working at higher intensities for shorter durations mixed with a big dose of recovery. This innovative format means maximum benefits in a shorter amount of time.

And they now offer music video rides! Image having a huge screen, black out the lights and play music videos while riding. It’s so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out!

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