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Indiana Dad’s Expo brings awareness to the global issue of fatherhood

It’s all about the dads this week, and an event in Indy is about to celebrate a father’s love and the role he plays when it comes to his children.

Many dads will come together for the Indiana Dad’s Expo on Saturday, June 20, as the event combines education, resources and fun to help men be the best fathers they can be. The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition (IFC) is a group of committed community leaders and organizations who are dedicated to the advancement of all fathers in Indiana. IFC achieves this goal by providing resources for Dads and father serving organizations, identifying & filling the needs of Indiana fathers; and increasing public awareness of the importance of involved Dads.

Jeff Newman, the executive director of the IFC, says it’s crucial that a child have an engaged father figure in their lives. He says the numbers are stunning. 90% of all homeless and runaway kids come from homes without engaged dads, 71% of all high school dropouts come from homes without engaged dads. Newman says changing these numbers are what the coalition is all about.

When we talk about dads, it means a significant male in the life of a child, so whether that’s a grandparent, an uncle, a stepdad, whatever it is, significant male in the life of a child.”

It’s a big mission that the coalition is trying to full, but this event hopes to help make that happen. Here are their methods for fulfilling their mission!

– Provide resources for Dads and father serving organizations

– Central website lists all services being provided for Dads

– “Push” information to dads via social media/e-newsletter

– One stop resource where fathers, service organizations, or any others can contact someone to get more information on fatherhood, inquire about services currently available, or suggest services that are needed.

– Hold trainings for father serving organizations to increase capacity to serve Dads

– “Father Engagement Toolbox”

– Provide “Father Engagement Toolbox” of programs proven to help Dads be more involved in the lives of their children

The event is from noon to 3 and includes food, prizes, games and more!

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