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Indiana Hearing Specialists share the reality of hearing loss and the damage it can do if left untreated

If you have hearing loss and it’s left untreated, it can not only affect communication but can also have other lasting consequences on an individual’s health. Dr. Allison Kern, Audiologist, Indiana Hearing Specialists, shares why it’s so crucial for those affected to seek help sooner, rather than later.


Indiana Hearing Specialists can schedule time to check your hearing status and discuss other aspects of your life that could be affected by this. As a “first step”: in this process, there is a hearing screener online on our website. Anyone who is wanting a hearing check can use headphones and screen their hearing from home. At the end, it will let you know the status of your ears as well as whether further treatment is recommended. Especially now, this gives individuals access to hearing healthcare from the safety of their own home.

If you have any other questions for Dr. Kern or would like more information about Indiana Hearing Specialists and services they provide, please contact them at the following.

Dr. Allison Kern, Au.D., Clinical Audiologist,  Indiana Hearing Specialists, (317) 671-8000