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Indiana Owned business helps people achieve less stressful, more organized life

Indiana Owned is on a mission to help you identify and support local businesses faster and easier!

Melissa Stecher, owner and creator of Hopeful Simplicity, and Mel McMahon, co-founder of Indiana Owned and Indiana Gifts, joined us today with a variety of products perfect to help organize your space. Here’s more from Mel:

Our members are business owners who want you to know they live here, work here, and play here. They are the business owners donating food to shelters, sponsoring the little league teams, and employing hundreds of thousands of people in our state.

Every business on falls into one of two categories. They are either an “Original,” meaning the company is Indiana-owned and operated, headquartered here, and not part of an out-of-state chain, or they are a “Franchise Friend,” meaning the franchise is Indiana-owned and operated, the owner lives here in Indiana, and is engaged in our community. 

When you see the Indiana Owned badge, you know you are supporting a local business like this one:  

Hopeful Simplicity  

Owner and creator of Hopeful Simplicity Melissa Stecher found herself overwhelmed by the feeling of “it’s all on me.” Managing all the people, places, and things of home life was too stressful. Not only could she not live with the overwhelm anymore, she didn’t want her son to grow up with the same stresses. When she reached her snapping point, their #hopingswaps journey began. They swapped out unsuccessful organizing systems, harsh chemicals, and bad habits for “Home Team We” compromises and success. In just 15 minutes a day and one small space at a time, Melissa and her son found hope in their chaos and clutter.  

Melissa’s passion and personal success soon turned into a business complete with products, printables, an online community, and hands-on organization help. Hopeful Simplicity is a “Less Stress Lifestyle” that centers around organizing. Melissa works to shift the overwhelm of “it’s all on me” toward “home team, we” when it comes to home management by tackling one small space at a time in just 15 minutes a day. Along the Hopeful journey, you get to save time, save money, and embrace less stress. 

Download your free printables, check out Hopeful Simplicity’s favorite organizational products, and learn more about how Melissa can help you at

Hopeful Simplicity is proud to be Indiana Owned. Learn more about Indiana Owned, why local matters, and support local businesses at and

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