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Indiana teen gives back one chicken at a time

Indiana Teen Gives Back

(WISH) — Indiana teen Madden Moore is the co-president of Chicken-Giving.

Moore first co-founded the organization in 2021. Moore got his wallet stolen, posted it on Facebook, and people reached out and donated money for him to replace it. Moore received more money than he had to begin with, so he decided to give back to the community.

Moore’s stepdad helped the teen buy cooked chickens with the leftover money, and they headed to downtown Muncie streets to hand them out to the homeless. Just last year, Moore headed back to Facebook and made a post asking for donations to have enough for 50 cooked chickens and ended up making enough to buy 400!

Moore has fed over 700 people with the help of donations and social media.

This year, Moore plans to giveaway 1,000 meals to people in need and is branching out to Kokomo, Marion, New Castle, Anderson, Noblesville and Muncie.

Moore’s goal is for more teens like him to grow a helping heart to help others.

“Giving meals is awesome because you can learn about these people, how they live, and what situations they go through. It can be really sad at times, but it’s really cool to see how much these meals help them, and it helps see how much we can take stuff for granted, and how much they really appreciate it,” Moore said.

Donations to Moore’s Chicken-Giving organization can be made through Venmo at chickengiving.