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Indianapolis Pastor Ken Johnson offers advice on WE TV’s “Match Made in Heaven”

Pastor Ken Johnson uses his experience and knowledge as a man of Christ to help Shawn in his journey to find love in a situation that is not so conventional. He is often called an “Inspirational Speaker” a “Gifted Minister and Singer,” and the “Chaplain of the Indianapolis Colts” because these are the things that he is known and praised for today. Coming from a life of poverty and struggle, Pastor Ken has used his experiences to make him the man that is he today – a loving husband and caring father to three.

Pastor Johnson guides millionaire Shawn Bullard as he goes on a journey to find love, and observes the authenticity and godliness of 24 women living under one roof hoping to find a love connection with Shawn.

It’s TV…I didn’t sign up for church, I signed up for reality TV so I want to hopefully represent a biblical perspective and a fatherly perspective in that environment…you see the reality…everything I’ve see thus far and the way they’ve edited it…I’m happy with it because I think they have projected me and showed me in my authenticity.”

Match Made in Heaven, WE tv’s reality dating show, premiered on February 4th and runs Wednesday’s at 8PM.

Millionaire Shawn Bullard Searches for True Love; And This Time The Pastor Is In Charge.  NFL Spiritual Advisor for the Indianapolis Colts, Pastor Ken Johnson, Hosts and Guides Bachelor Bullard In His Quest


Meet Shawn Bullard, an African American real estate magnate and former college athlete is looking for true love. And who better to help him find The One than the man upstairs – or someone with a close connection? Enter Pastor Ken Johnson who guides Shawn and observes the authenticity and godliness of 24 women living under one roof hoping to find a love connection with Shawn. Not only does the pastor weigh in on Shawn’s choices, but when his very outspoken mother moves in, she too has a say on who could potentially be her daughter-in-law. While some ladies are sane and sweet, others are downright devilish leading to plenty of drama and bad behavior. After a series of dates, romantic rendezvous, harsh eliminations, and solicited (and unsolicited) advice from the Pastor and his mother, find out if Shawn finally meets his match. “Match Made in Heaven” airs on WE tv, Wednesdays, at 8pm ET/PT

In each of the eight hour-long episodes, the bevy of beauties faces temptation at every turn. From the sweet girl next door to the smoking hot vixen; the polished career women to the innocent virgin; no one is immune to temptation. In this proverbial Garden of Eden, the ladies are constantly met with the opportunity to make a choice between good and evil in their quest for Shawn’s love. Should they undermine their fellow housemates to win him over? Or take the high road and trust in their connection with him? Does “do unto others” have an alternate meaning? Will Shawn be tempted to take a bite of the forbidden fruit these women have to offer? Or will Pastor Ken and Mama Bullard be able to guide Shawn into the light so he can pick the right girl to spend the rest of his life with?

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