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Indy Artists creating artwork with concrete & tar

Skip the acrylics and oils. Why not use tar and paint on concrete instead?! That’s exactly what Mixed Media Artists (“We Are”) Rebecca Robinson and Omar Rashan did, and today on Indy Style, they’re showing off their work!

Here’s more on their opening exhibition, coming to Indiana Landmarks Center Friday, June 2:Opening exhibition is on “First Friday”, June 2nd 6pm-9pm  at Indiana Landmarks Center/ RAPP Family Gallery 1201 Central Ave. 

The First Friday show includes a group installation piece entitled “Black Hollywood (the Good, the Bad and the Ugly)” as well as paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media pieces. The collaborative group aims to inspire cultural evolution through artistic expression, and uplift and empower the artists of the next generation.

“We Are” consists of 11 members and our mission is to empower, enlighten, innovate and create. “We Are” is an organization that consists of several talented artists who all bring something different to the table. By coming together, we are building a strong foundation for our art to get the recognition it deserves while building a wider audience throughout Indianapolis. We are also excited about growing our organization, and welcome new members. Artist who are interested may contact us for more information.

“We Are”  artists include Tony Radford, Latoya Marlin, Bruce Armstrong, Omar Rashan, Gary Gee, Stephen and Sherian Barnes, Rebecca Robinson, Courtney Porter, Saundra Jo Holiday (Mijiza) and Reverend Winterbourne Harrison-Jones.

Indiana Landmarks Center/ Rapp Family Gallery Website“WE ARE” Links

Twitter: @WEARE_INDY

Facebook: @WeAreIndyEmail:

website: weare-indy.comRebecca Robinson “Art With Concrete”

You tube link: Rashan 

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