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Indy Dog Whisperer: What to do if your dog has separation anxiety

Does it ruin your dog’s day when you leave for work in the morning? Do they bark incessantly when you put them in their crate?

Separation anxiety is a real thing and more common than you may know.

Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us this morning with a look at some solutions.

1.  Separation Anxiety: Why Does My Dog Get Anxious When I Leave?

     –  Potential kennel anxiety

     –  Dramatic goodbye rituals

     –  Perceived need to monitor you

2.  How Can I Help My Dog Manage Separation Anxiety?

     –  Gate off of large, windowed room vs. kennel confinement

     –  Leave the house calmly

     –  Consider doggy daycare

     –  Become an authority figure in your dog’s eyes

     –  Leave something for your dog to do

     –  Play soothing background sounds

     –  Consider a second dog

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