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Indy With Kids: Last blast before summer ends

We’ve already seen our friends sharing first day of school photos on social media and another crowd of kids are about to head back next week. Megan Noel, from Indy with Kids, gives you a few ideas on how to have one last blast before school starts!

1. Stay up late one more time. Catch fireflies with your kids, invite friends over for a bonfire in the backyard, grill up something new, try pork patties or pizza on the grill. Let the kids run around and act a little wild. Those squeals of excitement and laughter floating through the air are the songs of summer that you’ll long for once it’s too cold to be outdoors.

2. Take a road trip. Hit the road for a day trip or weekend trip full of family fun. We live so close to Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, leaving the state isn’t out of the question. There are caves to be explored, amusement parks to visit or lakes to swim in.

3. Go to a Fair or Festival. The State Fair is about to begin, this weekend there’s the Minnetrista Faerie themed festival, Gen Con is almost here and the Mass Ave Criterium is coming up. All of these have great child centered activities and are full of fun and imaginative opportunities.

4. Visit seasonal venues before they close. The drive in movies are still open but it won’t be long before they shut down for the year. The Indianapolis Indians have home games through the first half of the Labor day weekend. The next thing you know, the local pools will all be drained. We’re hoping to spend this afternoon at the Waterpark at the Monon Community Center.

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